A friend called me this week and begged me to help. She said she desperately needed to get organised for the year. I thought that a lot of people are probably in the same boat. Thus came my inspiration for this blog.

Plan your calendar
The most important tool for getting organised is having an online calendar. Setting it up through your email provider or your phone is easy and has the added bonus of being backed up.

Figure out what you need to prioritise such as exercise, chores, admin, time with family/friends, hobbies and most importantly time to yourself. Then block out time slots for each of these in your calendar as recurring appointments. You can always chop and change down the line, but at least you’ll have designated time for it all.

A clean and tidy home makes for a clear mind. Remove all the excess items from your home and create a beautiful space that’s conducive to positive thinking. Read my previous blog for tips on decluttering.

Food glorious food
Food can be all-consuming. The thinking, the shopping, the cooking and the cleaning… You can do a few simple things to make this more efficient.

Plan a two-week menu of lunches and dinners. Once you have this, you can prepare a shopping list for each week and just alternate them.

If you have kids, use them! Get them involved in cooking – it’s a great bonding activity that you can enjoy together. And as they get older they may even be able to take over their lunch-making and a dinner or two for the week. To help instil a level of responsibility and discipline, allocate days they clean up after dinner as well.

Your happy place
Figure out what it is that makes you really happy. For me nothing feels better than having a swim in the ocean, but for you it might be getting drawn into an addictive book, having a girls’ night out or even going on a driving adventure to a new place. Whatever it is, take yourself to your happy place at least once a month.

If you need help getting organised for the year, Bespoke PA can help set you on your path. Contact us to have a chat – we’d love to hear from you!

Natalie Brownstein
Managing Director, Bespoke PA