Bespoke PAs are high-level administrators with solid backgrounds in project management, administration and business.. We’ve hand picked our team to be able to perform a variety of tasks and functions in different environments.

Natalie is a seasoned project and event manager with expertise in business strategy and marketing. She’s at the helm of Bespoke PA, embraces new challenges and prides herself on delivering extraordinary outcomes.
Karina is a dedicated and hardworking professional with the ‘smarts’. Her experience across all areas of project and account management makes her invaluable to our wide range of clients.
Clare has a wealth of experience across sales, talent management and event production. Our clients love her personability, and the way she’ll not only work to time and budget, but devise a way of doing so better. And faster.


We don’t have any time restrictions on bookings and we’re completely accustomed to jumping on board projects in the last minute. If we can help you, we will.

We have a minimum booking of one hour. Although, we’ve been told that we can do in one hour what most ordinary people do in three, so keep that in mind.

Absolutely! In fact, some of our most efficient work is for clients who are overloaded in both areas and we can manage their work simultaneously and seamlessly.

We have both a centralised office and home work stations so there is no need to provide a desk or laptop. However, if the job is best suited to us working on-site, we’ll happily come to you.